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An Examination of Various Charts for the United States of America

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Here are the results and methodology I used to attempt rectification of the USA chart.  To try and make the results as objective as possible, I have used Jigsaw 2’s rectify feature and will report the numbers it gives using various techniques. This remains a work in progress, but some of the results are interesting nonetheless. Click here to view the Jigsaw event file. The first phase of this exercise was to gather historical data for the formation of the USA and its subsequent history. The events (dates only) I have used are as follows: Yorktown Surrender, 17 Oct 1781 Constitution Ratified, 21 Jun 1788 U.S. Congress quorum, 6 Apr 1789 Washington Inaugurated, 30 Apr 1789 Supreme Court, 26 Sep 1789 White House and Capitol Burn (War of 1812), 24 Aug 1814 Mexican War begins, 25 Apr 1825 Fort Sumter fired on; Civil War begins, 12 Apr 1861 Lee Surrenders (end of Civil War), 8 Apr 1865 Lincoln Assassinated, 14 Apr 1865 13th Amendment (slavery prohibited), 6 Dec 1865 Andrew Johnson Impeached, 24 Feb 1868 Garfield Assassinated, 2 July 1881 Spanish-American War (Joint resolution for war), 20 Apr 1898 McKinley Assassinated, 6 September 1901 Wright Brothers' Flight, 17 December 1903 San Francisco earthquake, 18 Apr 1906 U.S. Enters WWI (Congress declaration), 6 April 1917 Treaty of Versailles, 28 Jun 1919 Stock Market Crash, 29 Oct 1929 Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941 D-Day, 6 Jun 1944 Hiroshima A-Bomb, 6 Aug 1945 Francis Gary Powers U-2 Incident, 1 May 1960 First American in space (Shepard), 5 Apr 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, 17 Apr 1961 Cuban Missile Crisis, 22 Oct 1962 Gulf of Tonkin resolution, 7 Aug 1964 1965 Watts Riots, 11 Aug 1965 MLK Jr. assassinated, 4 Apr [...]

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Shakespeare’s Astrology

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The works of William Shakespeare are full of rich imagery from many sources. Mythology, magic and science all find a place in his texts. One of the richest sources of imagery in his works is astrology. Shakespeare uses astrological events, forecasts and metaphors extensively in his plays and poetry. This article will examine these astrological references in Shakespeare’s work, focusing on the astrological components in two plays: “All’s Well That Ends Well,” and “King Lear.” Shakespeare was very knowledgeable about astrology and held its practice in high regard, which can be shown by using examples from these plays, and the methods and popularity of astrology in his time. […]

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Solar Arc Directions

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Solar arc directions are an extremely useful tool for the practicing astrologer. They are a viable alternative to other methods of symbolic movement of the natal chart, such as secondary progressions. Ease and effectiveness of use are two key reasons that I use Solar Arc Directions as my main means of forecasting, along with triggers from transiting planets. […]

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Electional Astrology

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How many times have you asked yourself, “Gee, if I were only born a half hour earlier, I could have a 12th house Sun and my life would be so much better.” Or “If I were born 3 hours minutes later, that Moon square Mars would be a separating aspect rather than applying.” […]

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Artists and Astrology

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What makes an artist an artist? A successful artist must possess natural talent, education and experience, sufficient discipline to work at their craft, and the drive to succeed. In many cases, when looking at artists there also seems to be an iconoclastic streak - the need to burst through the boundaries of tradition and make a mark on the world.

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Essential Dignities and the Web of Rulership

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Much of astrology is about order. The sequence of the signs, the arrangement of planets in the houses, the different divisions of 360 degrees to form the aspects, and the assignment of the elements and modalities to each sign show this. Another way that astrology shows order is by the rulership assignments. […]

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My recent article on the upcoming election and inauguration

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    Forecasting the Upcoming USA Presidential Election and Inauguration   Copyright © 2012 by Frank Piechoski   When an astrologer makes a forecast about politics there is usually some sort of bias in the prediction.  As much as individual practitioners might protest that they remove their personal political opinions from their astrological forecasts, there always seems to be a component of wishful thinking.   When attempting to predict, it behooves astrologers to examine the astrology dispassionately so as to not make biased forecasts.  Often, one can see astrologers attempting to fit history to astrology and their personal preferences rather than examining both historical and astrological facts from neutral ground.   This article is an attempt to report the astrology of the upcoming United States presidential election, inauguration and subsequent administration without personalizing it.  No names will be mentioned except for historical clarification, nor will political parties be discussed.  The hard and fast astrological configurations will be discussed along with the historical realities of the times those configurations took place.   Where does one begin when discussing the attainment or transfer of power in a nation?  The legal realities.    In the United States of America, the legal reality as far as presidential elections and inaugurations are concerned is the Constitution.  What does the Constitution say about presidential elections?   Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.    The Electors shall meet in their [...]