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The Astrology of Fatal Aircraft Incidents – Part II

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The Astrology of Fatal Aircraft Incidents – Part II [NOTE:  Please read Part I here https://proastrologer.com/?p=338 or what is to follow here will not make sense.]   Now we can look at some results of the study.  Be advised that some of these percentages may look small, but there are thousands of charts being examined.  The methodology was to strive for a higher percentage difference when the raw numbers were small.  Also, the numbers should prove to be cumulative – that is, the more factors that show up in a specific chart, the higher the chances of a fatal incident. The Experimental Group are 3,831 charts for the departure times for flights involved in fatal incidents (all originated in the United States because that’s the data that was available.  The Control Group is 38,310 charts based on the data of the 3,831 Experimental Group, with year, month, place and time data shuffled randomly to replicate the demographics. Jupiter opposite North Node Experimental Group – 3.16 % Control Group – 1.63 % Difference – 94.2 %   Sun Conjunct Ascendant Experimental Group – 3.89 % Control Group – 2.28 % Difference – 45.4 %   Mercury Conjunct Ascendant Experimental - 3.84% Control -2.75% Difference - 39.3%   Sun in 12th House Experimental - 10.13% Control - 7.18% Difference – 41% Mars Trine Neptune Experimental - 7 Control - 5.33 Difference - 31.2   Venus in Leo Experimental -10.62% Control - 8.06% Difference - 31.9%   Venus in 11th House Experimental - 12.69% Control - 10.49% Difference - 20.9%   Venus Conjunct Mars Experimental - 9.42% Control - 8.08% Difference - 16.6   Venus Contra-parallel Mars Experimental - 3.92% Control - 3.42% Difference - 14.5%   Uranus [...]

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The Astrology of Fatal Aircraft Incidents – Part I

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  By Frank Piechoski [This series of articles is adapted from a lecture presented at the NCGR 2010 Conference in Cambridge, Mass.] Introduction What can astrology tell us about the world of aviation?  Can one forecast when fatal aircraft incidents are more likely? What factors might one look for?  What data might one use? There are many things to consider when examining this sort of material.  But after several years of thought, data gathering and testing there are some interesting results to be seen. First, let’s consider the data.  After attempting to gather data from disparate sources for fatal aircraft incidents, databases of the National Transportation Safety Board was found online in Access format of every reported aircraft incident.  The Access databases are available at the NTSB site at http://www.ntsb.gov/avdata/Access/. When this project was started, only databases from 1988 to 2008 where available.  To do this first phase of the research, only data from 1988 through 1998  and the year 2008 were used so there could be a second group of testable data for the future.  Also, converting the databases was a laborious process that mostly needed to be done by hand to get the data into a format that could be used in astrology programs.  After the final article in the series, I’ll give credit to those who assisted in data entry.  Methodology The NTSB databases were rather unwieldy to work with.  The data format changed over time.  There were many double entries.  Some records in the database were incomplete, corrupted, or inaccurate.  A process of cleaning took place where suspect entries were discard – before any charts were calculated.  Those missing times, or having a time of 0000 were discarded, as where those that didn't have a [...]

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Gaza Cease Fire 21 Nov 2012

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Gaza Cease Fire From the BBC:  “Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement which governs Gaza have agreed a ceasefire to end a week of violence in which nearly 160 people have died. “It is intended to come into effect at 19:00 GMT (21:00 local time), officials say. Similar predictions on Tuesday failed to produce a deal.” In this instance, the chart is set for Gaza City.  All points north of that in the area will also have Leo rising. The first thing that will strike the horary or electional astrologer is the very early rising degree.  This usually indicates that the time is too early to ask a question or the time is not yet ripe for a venture. Leo rises, with its Domicile ruler the Sun Peregrine, in a late degree in the Terms of Saturn, and will aspect Neptune first when changing signs.  The Sun’s Dispositor is Mars, Exalted in Capricorn, who applies to conjoin Pluto  and square to Uranus. The only planet in Domicile is Venus, in a late degree in the Terms of Mars.  Nothing else in the chart other than the 4th and 11th house (Regiomonatus) cusps disposes toward her.  Everything else disposes toward a Mars/Saturn Mutual Reception by Domicile. There are many other factors that I won't mention based on the immediacy of this article. This is in no way a permanent solution – or even one that will last any significant period of time.

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Winter Solstice 2012

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Winter Solstice 2012 The Solstices and the Equinoxes mark the quarters of the Astrological year.  The next of these to occur  is the Winter Solstice, which takes place on December 21 or 22nd this year – depending on your time zone.  This marks the entrance of the Sun into the Cardinal sign Capricorn. The closest aspects in this chart are Uranus sextile Pluto, Moon trine Mercury, and Sun sextile Neptune – all less than a degree and partile (in the same degree number.  Mars placed in his Exaltation, Capricorn has the most Essential Dignity at the moment of the ingress.  He also helps form one of the chart roots, since he is in Mutual Reception by Domicile with Saturn in Scorpio.  Another Mutual Reception by Domicile is between Mercury in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Gemini.  Every other point in the chart of the moment disposes back to one of these two Mutual Receptions. When forecasting what this might mean for the world at large, the easiest tool to use is a location map that displays where the planets are angular by drawing lines over a map of the world. Since this is a solar event, let’s look first to the places where the Sun is angular and where it crosses lines with other planets.  Sun lines cut through Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Libya, Niger , Nigeria, Cameroon,  Tibet, Bangladesh, the coast of Myanmar, Thailand (Phuket especially), Sumatra, and western Australia. Significant places where the Sun crosses other line include Uranus just south of Jakarta, The Moon in northern Columbia and Germany, and Neptune in Kazakhstan. In addition to where the Sun crosses other lines, it’s also a good idea to look at where [...]

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November 2012 Total Solar Eclipse II – Washington DC

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The November Total Solar Eclipse Set for Washington DC For this article, I'd like to shift my focus from the world to a specific place - Washington DC. Since 27 degrees of Taurus rises in this chart, one could either consider the Eclipse to take place in a quadrant-based system in the 6th House, or in Whole Sign houses in the 7th.  Either way,  a Venus in Domicile rules the chart from a Cadent house.  There is also a Mutual Reception by Domicile between Mercury and Jupiter. Let’s explore the possibilities.  The Sun and Moon are both Peregrine – that is, without Essential Dignity.  Additionally, the Moon is in Fall – making it even less comfortable.  By Whole Sign House, they are angular – but not comfortable in their roles.  They are disposed by Mars, placed in Sagittarius – where he is not usually comfortable – but he has Essential Dignity by Term.  Dignity by Term denotes a normal functioning of an everyday individual.  If  we go back to Plato, he is neither Gold nor Silver, but Bronze.  No leader, no artist – but a workman. The Dispositor of Mars is Jupiter, who is – as stated above – in Mutual Reception by Domicile with Mercury.  Therefore, the Sun/Moon/Mars chain winds up stuck on the Jupiter/Mercury see-saw.  One might say there is an inner dialog in that configuration that goes something like, “Expand!” “No, we have to think about it more!”  And since both are retrograde, neither has the impetus to move forward at this point. The Venus in Libra, from a position of comfort and ease has difficulty acting.  The peacemakers have the best ideas, but can’t act on their own.  And [...]

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November 2012 Total Solar Eclipse

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"These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend no good to us.Though the wisdom of nature can reason it thus and thus,yet nature finds itself scourged by the sequent effects.Love cools, friendship falls off, brothers divide, in cities mutinies, in countries discord, in palaces treason, and the bond cracked ’twixt son and father. This villain of mine comes under the prediction—there’s son against father. The king falls from bias of nature—there’s father against child. We have seen the best of our time. Machinations, hollowness, treachery, and all ruinous disorders follow us disquietly to our graves." King Lear, Act I, by William Shakespeare While the King Lear quote above should not be taken literally in the case of this particular total eclipse of the Sun, it would be prudent to point out some areas of the world where this eclipse might manifest its energy.  The location map above shows us where various planets are angular on a map of the world. The eclipse itself is visible only in the Southern Hemisphere and therefore will not be visible in the Northern Hemisphere.  The only large land mass the eclipse path of totality crosses over is the northern part of Australia.  As we can see in the map above, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto are also angular in Australia at the time of the eclipse.  The eclipse path also traverses the southern part of the so-called “Ring of Fire” – an area of great tectonic activity.  Expect an increase in earthquake and volcano activity around the Pacific Rim in the near future. Some other areas around the world where the eclipse itself is angular include Alaska and Hawaii, the Great Lakes region of the USA (it runs right through [...]

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Mercury Station Retrograde on Election Day

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This is what I said.  From the article I wrote in July: "The chart, with Gemini rising, is Mercury ruled with Mercury placed in Detriment and Face, in a mutual reception with Jupiter in Gemini by both Domicile and Triplicity.  The Moon is partile conjunct the IC and also applies to a partile sextile with Jupiter (and squares the Sun partile also).   The Moon’s last aspect will be a trine to Mars.   "The most recent presidential election with Mercury stationing and changing direction was in 2000, and one can recall the issues we had with the delayed outcome.  There could also be a delay in the results of the upcoming election, but there are kinder aspects on this day than that of the 2000 election.  The Moon at the base of the matter (IC) suggests that the people will ultimately make the choice this time around." The entire article may be read here: https://proastrologer.com/2012_2013_election_inauguration.pdf