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The August 26 Gaza Cease Fire

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The most recent Israel-Gaza ceasefire took effect on 26 August 2014 at 7 p.m. Local Time (EEDT) in Gaza (From BBC news reports). Astrological indicators appear to indicate this ceasefire will not hold.   Here is the chart for the ceasefire: The chart has a rather early 0 degrees Pisces ascendant, a mutable sign - signifying that it is too early in the process. The Domicile ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, is Peregrine, Cadent, and has no aspect to other bodies by moiety of orb. The 7th House has suzerainty over war and open conflicts, and it’s Domicile ruler Mercury is well-placed in both Domicile and Exaltation in Virgo, it doesn’t see Jupiter. Mars is dignified by Domicile, co-present with Saturn and square Venus.  He is also sextile the Moon and Mercury.  The ceasefire takes place during a Mars day and a Moon Hour. Astrologers who use modern Domicile rulers may be tempted to say that Neptune rules the chart – but Neptune is retrograde and opposes the Sun from the 1st to the 7th House.  In my opinion, Neptune in these issues is never a calming nor peaceful influence.  It is confusion and deception. This chart is about a pause in war - not an end or any sort of lasting peace, especially with Mutable angles and emphasis.

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The 2014 Mars Disability – Part III

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(Part I, Part II) To begin the third part of this article, we’ll look at some foundation charts to zero in on what these configurations may mean for the USA.  The three charts examined with be the adoption of the Declaration of Independence around noon on 4 July 1776, George Washington’s initial inauguration as president under the U.S. Constitution on 30 April 1789 close to 1 p.m., and the 20 January 2013 inauguration signifying the current presidential term.  We’ll compare them to what is going on in the sky on 20 April 2014 and begin our judgment from there. The Declaration of Independence adoption appears from historical records to have occurred late in the morning or very early in the afternoon.  This gives a mid-Libra rising chart, which has been used to good effect for several years.   This is rather striking, since the planets we’ve been talking about are all on the angles – with the Moon also joining Pluto on the IC later in the day.  Since Mars is on the ascendant, one can expect danger to the physical body of the nation. A Hellenistic time lord technique called zodiacal releasing also plays a part in this delineation period (an explanation of zodiacal releasing and a practical exercise in its use may be found here: http://politicalastrologyblog.com/2012/04/29/prediction-for-the-2012-us-presidential-election/). The DoI chart shows zodiacal releasing from Fortune (body, health) to have both a Saturn Major and Minor and a level 4 loosing of the Bond 6 June 2014.  Spirit zodiacal releasing shows Mars Major and Saturn minor beginning 18 Apr 2014 and a Level 4 loosing of the bond occurs 1 June 2014. Washington’s inauguration isn’t very well timed – other than he left the house [...]

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The 2014 Mars Disability – Part II

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(Part I may be found here.) As we begin Part II, let’s take a look at a background chart for this time period, the Aries Ingress of 2014.   Mars is saved from a Peregrine state by being place in his own Term, but also is unaspected by moiety of orb.  The map for the Ingress is below.   Mars on the MC travels through Siberia, Japan and Australia, on the IC in Brazil, and on the Descendant through the Horn of Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. The Lunar Eclipse that takes place on April 15 echoes some previously mentioned themes.  The Moon lies close to the Mars retrograde station, as does the North Node of the Moon.   The eclipse MC/IC line once again highlights the Las Vegas area.   Mars on the MC line also goes through the west coast of the USA. This brings us to what may be the pivotal days of all this activity, April 20 through 23.  Jupiter perfects both the opposition to Pluto and the square to Pluto on April 20.  Mars perfects the square to Jupiter on April 22 and the opposition to Uranus and the square to Pluto on April 23.  If one uses Reinhold Ebertin’s style of cosmobiology (midpoints and the 45 degree aspect series), this could basically be read as a quadruple conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. In chronological sequence (but saving the Mars aspects for later) let’s look at the maps using only the four planets involved in the configuration. Jupiter opposite Pluto:   Jupiter square Uranus:   Uranus Square Pluto:   And now the Mars sequence. Mars square Jupiter:   The only significant landmass where [...]

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The 2014 Mars Disability – Part I

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Mars entered Libra on December 7 2013 and has a rather interesting journey to complete before departing the sign of his Detriment on July 25 2014. The slow-moving planets in the middle degrees of Cardinal signs will be activated by Mars’ travels – especially during the retrograde period from March 1st through May 19th.  This article will examine this period in relation to United States and World affairs and will concentrate on the Mars retrograde period – this will of course include the stations and aspects of other planets, and other astrological configurations. The chart for Mars turning retrograde, set for Philadelphia, may be seen below.   There is a platick, double-applying square with Venus, which is also disposing Mars in the sign of his Exaltation.  Mars makes, at this time, no other Ptolemaic aspects to other planets within moiety of orb.To focus on where the Mars energy might manifest on Earth, it’s usually best to look at where Mars will be on the angles via astro-mapping.  Here is a World map of the Mars lines below.   The MC and IC lines mostly avoid large landmasses, but the IC line does cross volcanically active Iceland and the MC line addresses the Pacific Ring of Fire.  The Mars station may be the harbinger of increased volcanic activities in those regions. The rising and setting lines highlight western North America and south and central Asia.  Particularly intriguing is the Mars on the descendant directly through Las Vegas – which we shall examine more closely later in the article. As Mars regresses through Libra, several notable contacts will be made with other planets, and aspects amongst slower-moving planets will themselves perfect – as well as stations of the [...]

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Annoyingly Intelligent People – The Astrology of Mensa-Level Intelligence

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By Frank Piechoski How does one determine intelligence using astrological means?  How does one even define intelligence itself? Here is Webster’s first definition entry for intelligence: “Capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc.” There are different types of intelligence that may be considered, but it’s difficult to be objective about any of them.  One way we can find some firm astrological correlations is to use an objective measuring device – qualification for membership in Mensa - a non-profit organization open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised IQ or other approved intelligence test. This article will examine and test various astrological factors with an experimental group of more than 400 people identified as having the trait “Mensa-Level Intelligence” in AstroDatabank 4.0. While some might quibble that there are too many definitions of what intelligence is to limit this only to those qualified to be members of Mensa, one should realize that one can only measure that which can be measured.  Only by using verifiable data with good controls a can an objective measurement be made. For the purposes of this study, a control group with a size ten times the size of the experimental group that replicates demographic information and shuffles the birth year, time of the day, and place will be used to test various factors. There are some factors that have been used frequently to determine intelligence from the natal chart through the years.  Some of those include: a strong Mercury, emphasis of the Air element, the speed of the Moon, and CEO Carter’s supposed “Super Six” aspects that denote intelligence.  AstroDatabank 4.0’s Factor Analysis Report was also used to automatically sift through the experimental and control databases to identify other promising [...]

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Astrology and Theatre Opening Nights

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It’s Opening Night! Do you know what the chart says? By Frank Piechoski As both an astrologer and a theatre person, I am always looking for correspondences between the two crafts.   As an actor, I always scan the script for astrology key words for insight into a character’s background and motivations.  By the time dress rehearsals come about, I’ve usually roughed out a natal chart for the character I’m playing.  It’s part of my process as an actor. Since I don’t get to perform much these days and I spend more time in the audience than in front of one, the astrology part of the equation tends to be transferred to the productions I see. This year, I became a subscriber to the Lantern Theater Company in Philadelphia, due to a friend and colleague from my University of Wisconsin theatre department days acting in two of the four productions this year.  I get to see opening night of each show, and mingle with the cast, crew and staff at a reception after the show. Before attending the second production of 2013, The Beauty Queen of Leenane, I was struck by how much the themes of the play were mirrored by the Venus/Pluto conjunction that would become exact about an hour and a half into the performance.  This led me to look at the opening night charts for the other plays in 2013 also. The first play of 2013 was The Liar by By David Ives, adapted from the comedy by Pierre Corneille.  Just the title alone would make astrologers snicker when looking at the chart for the opening performance. With Gemini rising, Mercury in Detriment and retrograde, a Void of Course Moon in Leo, Neptune [...]

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The Astrology of Fatal Aircraft Incidents – Part III

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When one performs research such as this, one needs to consider the results and how they might be applied. Although each of the previously-mentioned factors separately may have small percentages, when they cluster together – or one of those factors is in very high focus, one might observe some striking examples. Examples shown will be fatal incidents not included in the experimental databases. Remember, these are not fatal aircraft accidents under examination – but fatal aircraft incidents. Japan Airlines flight 123, on 12 August 1985 is our first example – with but a single factor tied into the rest of the chart. This chart has the mentioned Moon in Gemini – but there is much more going on with that Moon. The Moon is Void Of Course (as Lilly says “Things hardly go” this does not mean things don’t happen or nothing will come of the matter as many seem to think – it means things happen with great difficulty. Things go hard), Peregrine , and opposes Neptune. The Moon’s Domicile ruler, Mercury, is retrograde, and Peregrine. Mercury’s wide opposition to a retrograde and Peregrine Jupiter on the ascendant exacerbates the issue. The aircraft suffered mechanical failures 12 minutes into the flight and 32 minutes later crashed into two ridges of Mount Takamagahar. There was total of 520 deaths and four survivors. Moving from a one-factor chart to a multi- factor chart, we will take a look at when several different factors were in play. The Moon was once again Void of Course in Gemini. Cancer was, on the MC, Venus was in Leo in the 11th House, and the Sun was in the 12th House, all five of those features were previously identified. Here [...]