The most recent Israel-Gaza ceasefire took effect on 26 August 2014 at 7 p.m. Local Time (EEDT) in Gaza (From BBC news reports). Astrological indicators appear to indicate this ceasefire will not hold.


Here is the chart for the ceasefire:


The chart has a rather early 0 degrees Pisces ascendant, a mutable sign – signifying that it is too early in the process. The Domicile ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, is Peregrine, Cadent, and has no aspect to other bodies by moiety of orb.

The 7th House has suzerainty over war and open conflicts, and it’s Domicile ruler Mercury is well-placed in both Domicile and Exaltation in Virgo, it doesn’t see Jupiter.

Mars is dignified by Domicile, co-present with Saturn and square Venus.  He is also sextile the Moon and Mercury.  The ceasefire takes place during a Mars day and a Moon Hour.

Astrologers who use modern Domicile rulers may be tempted to say that Neptune rules the chart – but Neptune is retrograde and opposes the Sun from the 1st to the 7th House.  In my opinion, Neptune in these issues is never a calming nor peaceful influence.  It is confusion and deception.

This chart is about a pause in war – not an end or any sort of lasting peace, especially with Mutable angles and emphasis.