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As we begin Part II, let’s take a look at a background chart for this time period, the Aries Ingress of 2014.



Mars is saved from a Peregrine state by being place in his own Term, but also is unaspected by moiety of orb.  The map for the Ingress is below.



Mars on the MC travels through Siberia, Japan and Australia, on the IC in Brazil, and on the Descendant through the Horn of Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

The Lunar Eclipse that takes place on April 15 echoes some previously mentioned themes.  The Moon lies close to the Mars retrograde station, as does the North Node of the Moon.



The eclipse MC/IC line once again highlights the Las Vegas area.LunarEclipseAPR2014


Mars on the MC line also goes through the west coast of the USA.

This brings us to what may be the pivotal days of all this activity, April 20 through 23.  Jupiter perfects both the opposition to Pluto and the square to Pluto on April 20.  Mars perfects the square to Jupiter on April 22 and the opposition to Uranus and the square to Pluto on April 23.  If one uses Reinhold Ebertin’s style of cosmobiology (midpoints and the 45 degree aspect series), this could basically be read as a quadruple conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

In chronological sequence (but saving the Mars aspects for later) let’s look at the maps using only the four planets involved in the configuration. Jupiter opposite Pluto:



Jupiter square Uranus:



Uranus Square Pluto:



And now the Mars sequence. Mars square Jupiter:

UraSqPlu MarsSqrJupUraPlu


The only significant landmass where an actual crossing of all four occurs is in Queensland, Australia.  The Mars/Uranus opposition the next day doesn’t cross over any landmasses.



The Mars/Pluto square looks like this:



This shows all four crossing Papua Indonesia and over Saudi Arabia.

Many of these maps look rather similar, with some areas repeatedly being stressed – Siberia/Japan/Indonesia/Australia, the Horn of Africa/Middle East, and Brasil.  Other areas involved also seem to be the western USA, Mexico (Jupiter opposite Pluto especially emphasizes Mexico), and the mid Atlantic Ocean.

How to we apply all this information to make sense of what will occur during this time period?  We’ll examine that in Part III.


Part III:  https://proastrologer.com/2014/01/25/the-2014-mars-disability-part-iii/

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