Mercury Station Retrograde on Election Day

This is what I said.  From the article I wrote in July:

“The chart, with Gemini rising, is Mercury ruled with Mercury placed in Detriment and Face, in a mutual

reception with Jupiter in Gemini by both Domicile and Triplicity.  The Moon is partile conjunct the IC and

also applies to a partile sextile with Jupiter (and squares the Sun partile also).   The Moon’s last aspect

will be a trine to Mars.


“The most recent presidential election with Mercury stationing and changing direction was in 2000, and

one can recall the issues we had with the delayed outcome.  There could also be a delay in the results of

the upcoming election, but there are kinder aspects on this day than that of the 2000 election.  The

Moon at the base of the matter (IC) suggests that the people will ultimately make the choice this time


The entire article may be read here:

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