An examination of your natal chart.  Topics discussed include personality, potential, and past and future events.


An in-depth forecasting session, where future possibilities are pinpointed and discussed.


Examines the compatibility between two people based on their natal charts.  Both people must have a natal consultation before a synastry session.


A look at what you are meant to do in life.  If you are having difficulties finding a career that suits you, this is the consultation for you.


Asking a specific question for which a chart will be drawn up giving either a clear answer or a non-result.


Choosing the correct time to begin any new venture, such as weddings, business start-ups, and real-estate listings.


For those without an accurate birth time, rectification is a method whereby an astrologer comes up with a working chart.  You will be asked a series of questions about the circumstances of your birth, your interests, major events in your life and also asked to provide photographs of yourself if you are not meeting with Frank in person.


Where are the best places for you in the world according to astrology?  Advanced techniques help you find your place in the world.

Frank’s hourly rate is $200. At least a 50 percent deposit must be made before confirming your appointment.